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Having a firearm ensures your safety. Though many people have the misconception that a firearm is only meant for killing people, these can be a saviour during any hostile situation. AR-15 is such a firearm which you can easily and safely handle.

About AR-15
AR-15 is mainly sporting rifle but also work as a great weapon for self-defence. It was developed in 1950 by the ArmLite and was named after the company. With each pull of the trigger, this can fire one round. It has different chamberings which include .22, .223, 6.8 and much more. Its two parts, upper and lower receivers are connected by a two pin system. The upper part is the most important part. Depending on which purpose you are going to use the rifle for you can select receivers from many options available at the AR-15 Upper Receiver Place.

Stripped Upper Receivers
Building a rifle by yourself is an inexpensive way you can follow when purchasing one. Separated parts with variety are available on the market and you can choose according to your choice. The custom built rifle will have all the features you like so you will be more satisfied. Many good AR -15 uppers are available now. One of these different upper receivers is the stripped upper receiver. It is the best option especially when you want to build a custom rifle. This includes several features like taking down pins, pivoting, M4 style feeding ramps and forward assisting features. You can also change your rifle based on the purpose you are going to use that rifle for. For example, you can use .22 for economical shooting. Apart from these, 308 AR uppers and quick takedown features are also available.

Complete AR-15 Upper Receivers
If you want the readymade upper receiver of the AR-15 rifle, you can also find them available on the market. Like stripped upper receivers they are also available in a number of different options. Depending on your usage, you can choose the best suitable features. When some use AR-15 for hunting or shooting many also use it for self-defence. You can choose among almost 100 complete AR upper receivers. But unlike stripped upper receivers you can't choose them instead you will have to depend on the manufacturer's choice. The different components they have include the rail, the barrel, the bolt carrier group and the gas system.

The barrels and the gas block systems are available in different options. The gas barrels can be of two types. The A3 gas barrels and the low profile gas block system. And when you are choosing barrels remember that the longer barrels offer better accuracy than the shorter one. You can find barrels from 7.5 inches to 20 inches long but 16 inches barrel is considered as the standard length.

Features of AR upper receivers
The common features of AR upper receivers are:

•The length of the barrels varies. It is available in different sizes from 7.5 inches to 20 inches.  
• Two different styles A3 and M4 is available.
• Barrels can either made from Stainless Steel or from Chrome Moly.
• M4, Bull and SS these three types of barrel contour are available.
• Three different twists 1-8, 1-9 and 1-16 are common which controls the spin on the bullet.
• You should look for rifles with hardcore anodised finishing.
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